How to become BIL user

Those surgeons who are interested to implant the BIL can become certified after having performed the following training.

  1. Wetlab and instructional course at the Annual ESCRS meeting on PPCCC, which is a prerequisite course to be allowed at the wetlab, with the following faculty: Marie-José Tassignon, Howard Gimbel, Robert Stegmann, Tobias Neuhann, Abhay Vasavada, Rupert Menapace
  2. Observership at the Antwerp University Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology

    Director: Prof. dr. Marie-José Tassignon
    Faculty BIL users: Prof. dr. Marie-José Tassignon
      Prof. dr. Veva De Groot
      Dr. Jan Van Looveren
      Dr. Stefan Kiekens
    Scientific coordinator: Danny Mathysen
  3. Observership at any centers with certified instructors (see list instructors)