Instrumentation list

Description Comments Ref. No. Manufacturer
"Bag-in-the-lens" foldable IOL 28% hydrophylic acrylic 89A-D-E-F Morcher
Ring calliper (4.5 - 5 - 6) To calliper the position of the anterior capsulorhexis Type 4 4L
Type 5
Tassignon calliper ring positioner To position the ring calliper in the eye sh-7017 EyeTech
Ikeda angled 30° capsulorhexis 23g forceps To perform anterior and posterior capsulorhexis Fr 2268 EyeTech
Straight scissors in curved shaft To adjust the capsulorhexis if needed Fr 2295c EyeTech
Naviject injector atraumatic/naviglide
  • cartridge 2.5-IP injector set foldable
  • cartridge 2.8-IP injector set foldable
  • Up to +20 diopters
  • For all diopters
  • Lp 604420
  • Lp 604410
  • Medicel
  • Medicel
Rycroft/Helsinki hydrodissection needle 27G To inject dispersive viscoelastic behind the posterior capsule 1273E Steriseal
41G needle (same type from two different manufacturers) Idem than 7 but to be used in babies and children E7370
Bausch & Lomb
Eye Cage alignment device Based on limbal centration and corneal Purkinje of the light of the microscope ECT100 Technop