Surgical protocol

  • temporal position of the surgeon
  • opening of the limbus with a knife 2.8mm (eventually 2.5 mm)
  • injection of 1ml adrenalin solution (see procedure medication)
  • injection of Healon GV for corneal protection
  • insertion of the calliper ring type 5 none tassignon

    using the ring calliper inserter (sk-7017 EyeTech)
  • opening of the anterior capsule with the capselorhexis forceps 6 (Ikeda 30° forceps) (Rr.2268 EyeTech)
  • removing the calliper ring
  • injection of BSS between the lens and the capsule, hydrodissection
  • phaco-emulsion of the lens content
  • removing lensremnants with the IA mode
  • cleaning the capsule with BSS using the Helsinki needle (1273E Steriseal)
  • injection of Healon GV on top of the anterior capsule (never fill the capsular bag!)
  • puncturing of the postieur capsule by using the tuberculin needle or 36G needle
  • injection of Healon through the puncture hole within the space of BERGER untill the size of the blister is slightly larger than the anterior capsulorhexis
  • attention not to overfill the space of BERGER
  • performing the capsulorhexis with the Ikeda forceps
  • insertion of the lens with the injector (Medicel Lp 604410)
  • injection of miostat (see procedure medication)
  • removing of the Healon with the IA mode
  • refilling the anterior chamber with BSS and hydration of the corneal wound
  • control of the water tightness of the wound
  • injection of zinacef solution (see procedure medication)
P.S. In paediatric cataract the procedure is slightly different:
  • ring calliper 4.5 mm is used
  • two sight ports of 1 mm are used for lens removal
  • injection of Healon into the space of BERGER by means of a 41 G needle (Dorc 1270.0.100)